Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Welcome to Nursery Rhymes for Kids. This website is filled with a whole host of traditional nursery rhymes which you can read to your little ones. These short, charming poems and songs are perfect for younger children, whose attention spans are not quite ready for longer, more complex stories; the rhythm and the melody of a nursery rhyme will draw them in, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces!

Incorporating nursery rhymes into your kid’s bedtime or morning routine will not only entertain them, and create a comforting sense of ritual, but will also help them in many other ways. Nursery rhymes have been shown to enhance children’s language skills, and can also lay the groundwork for reading and spelling. In addition to this, the rhyming words and repetitive nature of these songs and poems can enhance your child’s ability to memorise and recite texts – this will prove to be very useful once they begin school.

Nursery Rhymes For Kids

Not only this, but nursery rhymes are also a lovely way to introduce your kid’s to the world of books, and to help them develop a passion for reading. Nursery rhymes present the concept of a narrative – with a beginning, a middle and an end – in a very simple way, which children will find easy to understand. They can start to learn about how a story is told, without having to sit through an actual lesson on the subject. Simply by sharing these wonderful little tales with your child, you’ll be teaching them about storytelling, and hopefully encouraging them to love the written word!

These poems and songs typically feature entertaining, funny plotlines which children can quickly grasp, and even relate to, such as losing things, as in the case of the Three Little Kittens, or Little Bo Peep, or being afraid of spiders, in the case of Little Miss Muffet. These tales teach them to laugh about situations which might otherwise worry them. They are also often a moral to nursery rhymes, and so can be helpful when you’re trying to teach your child to behave themselves and not get into any mischief!

Whilst most nursery rhymes for kids end on a happy note, even those that are slightly more unsettling, such as Jack and Jill, are still usually adored by children. Of course, if you want to develop your child’s imagination, nursery rhymes present the perfect opportunity to do so; you can have them make up their own, alternative endings, or even create their own characters which they can add into the rhyme. For example, if they don’t like the idea of the poor Humpty Dumpty ending up broken below the wall, they could send him off to the hospital to be mended, or if the thought of the Three Blind Mice’s injuries upset them, they could change it so that the mice end up making a quick getaway before the farmer’s wife can catch them! There’s plenty of fun to be had with this type of game, and it’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity in your little ones.

Nursery rhymes can also be used in social settings. Whilst sharing a poem or a song is a great way to spend some ‘one-on-one’ time with your child, nursery rhymes can also help your child to interact and develop friendships with others. These songs and poems can be used for entertaining the kids at your child’s birthday party, or they can be included as a fun activity during playgroup. Children tend to bond quite quickly over simple, shared experiences, and reciting a nursery rhyme together can help a friendship to blossom; having your little one participate in group activities like this is particularly useful if they’re slightly shy around others. Social skills are incredibly important, both during childhood and adulthood, and the earlier a child begins to learn how to connect with others, the better!

Although nursery rhymes for kids can entertain your little ones, boost their imagination and help to develop their reading, spelling and social skills, one of the greatest things about reciting these tales with your child is that it allows you to bond with them, and share in a small, but important ritual every day. Whether you and your child recite a funny little nursery rhyme at breakfast each morning, or sing one together before you tuck them in at night, these short, sweet poems and songs are a lovely way to share a happy moment with your child.